Terms of Use

If you do not agree to all the usage terms, do not use this website. Your use of the website implies that you agree with the usage terms completely.
“Greenrooms User” means that you are a partner or user. Partners are owners and users are property seekers.


  • We are not taking any brokerage from seekers.
  • We taking a nominal service charge and this will be refundable in form of some free days stay at your finalized accommodation.
  • In addons service, our executive will arrange property visit schedules & property options according to your requirement. We are taking Rs. 1000 charge in addons of pickup and drop visits for a maximum of 7 properties. 
  • Greenrooms can share your documentation provider number & also we can share with you a common format of agreement that you can download and edit by yourself as well as we can provide you payment receipt to show housing allowance for your company. But we are not liable for the agreement & police verification process.
  • If you are using greenroom services then you have to mandatory update your selected accommodation visit status.
  • If you will not provide us with where you finalize your accommodation then you will be liable to pay a nominal service charge.
  • If you are a real estate consultant and you access our services as an information source, then we will take legal action against you.
  • Your registered email ID and mobile number are our written proof to take action against you.
  • Your account is going to auto deactivate in 60 days.
  • Greenrooms is not the property owner and has no control over the conduct or behavior of the owner or the quality, fitness, or suitability of the services provided by the partner. greenrooms disclaim any and all liabilities in this regard.

  • We are not taking brokerage from the property owners' side.
  • If any client finalizes accommodation through greenrooms, we will charge around 20% of accommodation including facility charge as our services charges.
  • For simplifying our services charge we have created a slab for charges.
  • If any client book PG or hostel accommodation stay below Rs.7000/- stay then we are taking Rs.800/- as a service charge per client for long term client.
  • If any client book PG or hostel accommodation stay in between Rs. 7000/- to Rs.10,000/- stay then we are taking Rs.1,200/- as a service charge per client for long-term clients.
  • If any client book Corporate PG accommodation stay above Rs.12,000/- stay then we are taking Rs.1,500/- as a service charge per client for long term client.
  • If you are not ready to charge our service. Then you have to provide 5-10 days free complimentary stay to greenrooms clients as a service charge.
  • We are taking basic information from clients. If clients want to finalize PG, corporate pg, or hostel then you have to take all necessary information from the client before finalizing the deal.
  • Our admin will arrange direct client property visits and the schedule will inform you. In some exceptional cases, our executive will give property visit service to clients.
  • The company provides you a long-term stay client of more than 3 months to 12 months.
  • If any client leaves early before the agreement, then you will be able to cut complimentary stay charges from the client deposited amount.
  • We will not be involved in any legal property agreement & police verification charges
  • We provide you a login ID & password to manage your property status, check booking status & manage transactions. .
  • Greenrooms have no control over the conduct or behavior of the user.
  • The domain name www.greenrooms.in (hereinafter referred to as "Website") and which enables the users of the website to connect with independent third-party property owners (partner) offering various PG, Corporate PG, Hostel & Studio Room accommodations for rent (hereinafter referred to as ‘Property’) listed on the website (Accommodation Services). Similarly, the partner also a user on this website can list his property to offer to the other users. Greenrooms create a platform for both the users to connect to each other.
  • The website is an online marketplace where users (user or partner) may meet and interact with each other for their transactions. Partners shall list their properties on the website and users reserve the accommodation at the prices specified by the partner (also user) on the website/app. greenrooms reiterate that greenrooms and partners are separate and independent entities and greenrooms do not work as representatives or agents of the partner. By making a reservation/booking at the listed properties the users enter into commercial/contractual terms as offered by and agreed to between partner and the user only.
  • Greenrooms shall not be responsible and shall not be required to mediate or resolve any dispute or disagreement between user and partner. In no event, shall greenrooms be made a party dispute between the user(s) and partner(s).